If you wish to make an offering to the ministries of Wittenberg Lutheran
Church, you may do so by offering during Sunday worship services, by mail,
or by clicking the online giving link above. Gifts of any kind are greatly

General Offering – Unrestricted offering that provides resources necessary
to perform day-to-day activities of Wittenberg’s ministry.

Building Fund – Offering restricted to reduce the loan on Wittenberg’s
Fellowship Hall and Classroom building addition.

Endowment Fund – Offering restricted to the Wittenberg Endowment Fund
whose mission is “to provide additional resources to support and enhance
ministries of Wittenberg Lutheran Church.” The fund seeks to hold the
principal portion of contributions in perpetuity and invest interest in additional
ministry opportunities not sustainable through Wittenberg’s general budget.
Disbursement of grant funds are made available annually at the discretion of
the Endowment Board and Congregational Council.

Food Pantry – Offering restricted to support Wittenberg’s Food Pantry
ministry, providing food, hygiene, and other supplies necessary to those in

Other Giving Opportunities:

Altar Flowers
– Offering restricted to fund weekly altar flower arrangements.  
Weekly cost is currently $52.

Bus Fund – Offering designated to fund miscellaneous Church bus expenses.

Cemetery Fund – Offering restricted to Wittenberg’s Cemetery Fund,
providing for the perpetual care and maintenance of our cemetery.

Dorcas Quilters – Offering designated to support the ministry of Wittenberg’s
Dorcas Quilters group, whose mission is to make quilts for Lutheran World
Relief for people in need around the world.

KICS – Offering designated to support the ministry and activities of the KICS
(Kids In Christ, our Savior) group, grades K4-5.

Music Fund – Offering restricted to enhance Wittenberg’s music ministry.

Preschool – Offering designated to support Wittenberg’s Preschool ministry.

Special Occasion Flowers – Offering restricted to purchase lilies and
poinsettias for annual Easter and Christmas worship services. Contact the
church office or look in the bulletin for the correct order form.

Youth Group – Offering designated to support the ministry and activities of
Wittenberg’s Youth program, grades 6-12.

Other – Other giving opportunities are available within and outside of the
church. Please contact Connie Kramer or Brent Shealy for questions about
other giving opportunities.